Your data, private by design.

Keep your data private while being processed, in transit, or at rest.

Secure Workspace

Synchronise your workspace between your desktop, mobile devices and clouds keeping your data private at all times.

Secure Storage

Offload your data to the cloud. Your data is kept private while in transit, at rest and even while being processed.

Secure Analytics

Run your analytics workloads in the cloud over encrypted data. Your content is only accessible at your dashboard.


SafeCloud Technologies solutions are suitable for deployment on premises, in the cloud or in hybrid settings.

Private by Design

SafeCloud Technologies are carefully designed with data privacy as a first class citizen. We worry so you don’t have to!


We work with you to craft the solution that really fits your needs and eases your pain.

Make your data workflow private with SafeCloud Technologies

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Our vision, our goal

SafeCloud Technologies aims at providing the next generation of secure and highly configurable data platform systems. We are driven by the certainty that, with respect to data privacy, it is not possible to build a “one size fits all” solution. Instead, we build software that seemlessly  adapts to different requirements and environments. Following a privacy-by-design approach, SafeCloud Technologies product line-up ranges from workspace management applications to enterprise-grade privacy-preserving database systems.

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