SafeCloud Storage

The next generation of cloud storage. Privacy-by-design for live data backup data archival data

With support for filesystem and block-based storage interfaces, SafeCloud storage solutions allows you to migrate critical data to cloud environments without compromising data privacy and availability, while enabling a more efficient resource utilisation and lower costs. Our solution is based on software-defined storage principles to provide a state-of-the-art, highly-configurable solution for securely storing data in one or multiple untrusted cloud services.



Our software-defined storage solutions are suitable for live, backup and archival data. Each solution can be configured to provide data reduction, data replication, and encryption using best-in-class techniques.

Compatible and flexible

SafeCloud Technologies storage is compatible with the highly used filesystem and block-based interfaces. It is suitable for deployment on premises, in the cloud or in hybrid settings.

Private by Design

SafeCloud Technologies storage solutions were designed for data privacy. Data is encrypted using state-of-the-art mechanisms and kept protected even if a cloud storage provider is compromised.