SafeCloud Workspace

SafeCloud Workspace
October 25, 2017 safecloudtech

Private by Design

SafeCloud Workspace always encrypts your data with AES-256. Encryption keys are stored using our patent pending technology. This technology guarantees that only you can access them. Neither any of the storage providers or SafeCloud Technologies itself has access to the keys. Only you, in your devices can decrypt your data.

Seamless and easy

Access and edit your files as always. Your SafeCloud Workspace guarantees they remain encrypted whenever you’re not using them. We worry so you don’t have to!

Sharing made private

Share files with anyone in a simple yet secure way. Control who can access your files, who actually did and, if needed, effortlessly revoke access to them. Data is always under your control!

Automatic synchronisation

Your Workspace is automatically synchronised across all your devices and platforms. Your files are readily accessible at your desktop, mobile devices or web browser.

Flexible storage

Compatible with virtually any cloud storage provider or service. Add storage accounts to increase your workspace capacity. Data remains private across all locations and you don’t need to worry about space management.

Personal and professional

Mitigate shadow IT with personal and professional use of SafeCloud Workspace. Users do not need to change habits and your organisation’s data remains safe at all times.