SafeCloud Technologies at Web Summit 2017

SafeCloud Technologies at Web Summit 2017
November 20, 2017 safecloudtech

Last week, SafeCloud Technologies, a spin-off of INESC TEC and the University of Neuchâtel, was at Web Summit, one of the largest technology fairs in the world, which was held in Lisbon from 6 to 9 November.

Many businesses and individuals are migrating their data and applications to computing and storage environments in the cloud. However, this raises enormous problems concerning how to keep information confidential.

In this sense, SafeCloud Technologies Sàrl intends to provide a next-generation data management platform. Following a pragmatic approach where data protection is at the heart of technology design, SafeCloud Technologies offers a broad range of solutions ranging from end-user applications to integrated enterprise-class storage and processing systems. In each, SafeCloud Technologies is able to offer different compromises between functionality, data privacy, performance and scalability, covering a wide variety of requirements and offering solutions tailored to each client.

The company’s product line ranges from products targeted at end-users, such as secure file storage and synchronisation, which include the SafeCloud Photos mobile application, to more business-focused products, for example, SafeCloud Database, SafeCloud Storage and SafeCloud Workspace.

The goal is to provide consumers and businesses with tools and software solutions that enable them to migrate critical data to the cloud environment without compromising performance while ensuring the protection of data at all stages of the process. With SafeCloud Technologies, data remains encrypted in transit, while in processing and when at rest. The goal is for users of these solutions to get the most out of cloud platforms without giving up strong guarantees of confidentiality and data protection.

It should be mentioned that the SafeCloud Technologies team consists of six members, of whom four are Portuguese, one is Swiss, and one is Italian. In addition, it should be noted that SafeCloud Technologies has an ongoing patent application.