SafeCloud Technologies aims at providing the next generation of secure and highly configurable data platform systems. Technology development at SafeCloud Technologies is driven by the certainty that, with respect to data privacy, it is not possible to build a “one size fits all” solution. Instead, it is possible to build software that is easily adaptable to different requirements and environments. SafeCloud Technologies’ product line-up ranges from consumer-grade software applications to enterprise-grade secure database systems. Crafted with Swiss precision and Portuguese creativity, our products deliver the functionality, privacy, performance and scalability characteristics that address your use cases.

10+ years of experience

SafeCloud Technologies leverages the founders’ 10+ years of experience in database technology, cloud computing and privacy preserving technologies.

Engineered for privacy

At SafeCloud Technologies we follow a pragmatic approach to each problem and provide solutions specifically engineered with privacy-by-design.

To the future and beyond

With SafeCloud Technologies your organisation takes a leap into the future. Regain control over your data while taking advantage of the cloud! Contact us today!

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